Hermanos Pecina

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña, established in 1992, has its origins in the expertise of Pedro Peciña, a revered vineyard manager from La Rioja Alta. Pedro's lineage traces back to a family deeply rooted in grape growing, instilling in him a profound understanding and passion for viticulture. Inheritors of 20 hectares of exceptional old vineyards in the vicinity of San Vincente, Pedro utilized these vineyards as the foundation for his new estate.

From the outset, Pedro embraced a philosophy of crafting wines in a truly classical style. His approach to winemaking is characterized by a subtle use of American oak barrels, whose average age of 5-6 years imparts a gentle richness and texture without overshadowing the wine's inherent characteristics. The barrels, mostly neutral, contribute nuanced flavors that enhance the overall composition. Demonstrating his commitment to excellence, Pedro exceeds the minimum aging requirements stipulated by law. His wines spend a minimum of two years in barrel for Crianza, while Gran Reservas mature for four years or more. The winery's cellar echoes with the sight of meticulously stacked barrels, evoking a scene reminiscent of Rioja's bygone era.

Pedro Peciña embraces sustainable practices, eschewing the use of chemical fertilizers and refraining from inducing fermentation. He upholds the traditional principle of blending, a practice that results in wines of remarkable complexity and harmony. Drawing upon the diversity of nearly a dozen distinct vineyard sites, Pedro consistently crafts wines that embody the essence of Rioja's illustrious past. Vintage after vintage, his wines exhibit a remarkable level of consistency, a testament to the artistry and dedication that defines Bodegas Hermanos Peciña.