Chateau La Grande Clotte

Posted by Marquis Wine Cellars on 24th Aug 2021

Chateau La Grande Clotte has an interesting history. The vineyard was owned by a family in Paris who really did not care much about the vines, so they hired the well-known consultant Michel Rolland take care of the vineyard and make the wine. This changed in 2015 when when current owners Matthieu and Julie Mercier came looking to purchase a domaine in Bordeaux’s Right Bank. The Merciers had been living and working for several years right here in British Columbia, where they managed the ic
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How to Store and Age Your Wine

Posted by Marquis Wine Cellars on 5th Jul 2021

How to Store and Age Your Wine A lot of wine lovers don’t store wines for long, preferring to purchase a bottle shortly before they plan on drinking it. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to build up more of a stock of wine -- perhaps because you live far away from the nearest quality wine shop, or plan on hosting larger events where multiple bottles are being served.How long can I keep a bottle of wine? A lot of wines are aged in the bag on the way home from the store -- that
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All About Wine Flavours

Posted by Marquis Wine Cellars on 8th Jun 2021

All About Wine Flavours Flavour is the most important aspect of wine -- it’s the reason why winemakers spend so much time cultivating and caring for their vineyards, and experimenting with different grape varieties, different winemaking techniques, and different aging durations. The flavour of a bottle of wine can vary significantly even within the same type of wine -- flavours depend on the vintage and the location of the vineyard. Weather conditions, soil, crop yields, and a whole host of
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What are the Most Popular Wine Regions?

Posted by Marquis Wine Cellars on 2nd Jun 2021

What are the Most Popular Wine Regions?This is a pretty large and open-ended question. Popular wines tend to vary by region and also by year. Popularity can also have as much to do with price point and availability as it does with flavour and quality. Asking your wine shop about their most popular wines can give you a good starting point if you’re looking to try something new, or if you want a reliably high-quality wine to serve at an event.The top-selling wines from individual wineries change a
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The Pink Stuff

Posted by Jenn G. on 17th Apr 2020

This time last year you may have been like me, wandering your neighbourhood marvelling at the cherry blossoms in their array of pinks, soft and downy and sweet...a yearly sight that brings with it an end to winter and a promise of summer soon to come. Longer days, warmer sunshine and friends coming out of cold weather hibernation to spend social time together once again, perhaps even outside basking in the suns glow.Though we may not be experiencing the usual liveliness of a B.C. spring this yea
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