The Pink Stuff

Posted by Jenn G. on 17th Apr 2020

This time last year you may have been like me, wandering your neighbourhood marvelling at the cherry blossoms in their array of pinks, soft and downy and sweet...a yearly sight that brings with it an end to winter and a promise of summer soon to come. Longer days, warmer sunshine and friends coming out of cold weather hibernation to spend social time together once again, perhaps even outside basking in the suns glow.Though we may not be experiencing the usual liveliness of a B.C. spring this yea
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Posted by John Clerides on 31st Mar 2020

We have all heard the word before and what does it mean, our norms will be challenged whether we want it or not. Here are some examples, look at the news, broadcasters are reading the news from their homes, talk shows are doing the same. What does that mean for shopping. I was speaking with a friend of mine who works for Translink, part of their contract negotiations is to work from home a couple of days a week. Apparently Translink does not want it but if they perform and get the job done who c
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Plastic Bag Reduction Plan Update

Posted by John Clerides on 17th Jul 2019

Ok, I’m no expert on this, but over the past few years, I have been concerned about the amount of plastic bags this stores uses. Seeing pictures of beautiful coasts lines riddled with plastic pisses me off. Last Christmas while I was in Kauai, I went to a great little beach and on the beach there were bottle tops, shards of plastic etc, it was abysmal and disappointing.In hopes of reducing and eliminating the use of plastic last year, we adopted a policy of charging 5 cents per bag. I am
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Why Greek Wines Are Trending

Posted by John Clerides on 10th Jul 2019

I know some of you most likely think I am crazy talking about Greek wines, but that is ok, I kind of like being an outlier. People thought I was nuts bringing in Washington State, (Quilceda Creek was $30.00 which is now $300.00) Oregon wines and even those from Santa Barbara — oh and hey, Austrian wines, too. This is my second trip to Greece in three years and the wines are superb. Not married by oak (kind of like too much cologne or perfume) the wines are real and authentic. What do I mean
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Greece's Rebel Farmers

Posted by John Clerides on 13th Jun 2019

I read this article on my Aljazeera new feed, it is nothing less than amazing. Kind of funny how organic, natural etc has taken hold, I kind of laugh at this, not that it’s a joke, it's not, but why it's taken so freaking long for us to clue in is mysterious to me.My mum is from a small island in Greece called Skopelos it’s not as familiar as say Santorini but when I say it was the island Mama Mia was filmed on everyone goes oooh. My father was born on another small island called
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