Distilled in BC

Long Table Texada Vodka 750ml


A West Coast-inspired, handcrafted premium-quality vodka, Long Table Texada was copper-pot distilled with a helping of fresh lemongrass and refined using locally sourced Texada Island limestone. The result is a complex and clean spirit that lends...

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Okanagan Spirits BRBN Whisky 750ml


Harvested from Coldstream valley grain corn, through diligent milling, fermenting, distilling and aging we introduce BC’s first Bourbon-style Corn Whisky, BRBN.  The grain corn is grown just west of our Vernon Flagship distillery, and is...

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The Liberty Distillery Truth Vodka 750ml


Our hand crafted vodka made from 100% Organic BC-grown wheat, is carefully fermented in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to our copper stills. After a minimum of three distillations to ensure the highest level of purity the spirit is...

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Shelter Point Smoke Point Batch #2 Whiskey 750ml


Established in 2011, Shelter Point Distillery is located on 380 acres in Oyster River, BC, about halfway up the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Farmed for generations, Shelter Point remains one of the last seaside farms on the Island. We are naturally...

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The Liberty Distillery Endeavour Pink Gin 750ml


Inspired by a classic gin cocktail made fashionable in the mid-19th century, Endeavour Pink Gin begins with our triple-distilled, 100% Organic BC wheat spirit. An aromatic blend of (18) botanicals were slowly infused during re-distillation in our single...

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