Long Table Texada Vodka 750ml


A West Coast-inspired, handcrafted premium-quality vodka, Long Table Texada was copper-pot distilled with a helping of fresh lemongrass and refined using locally sourced Texada Island limestone. The result is a complex and clean spirit that lends...

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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 750ml


A superb super-premium Vodka made using non-GM ingredients. It's quite rare that a vodka (or any white spirit for that matter) impresses us to the point of wanting to tell people about it. Beluga is one of those rare spirits. Well worth a go...

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Snowqueen Organic Vodka 750ml


A stunning organic French vodka named for the Snow Queen of Kazakhstan. Distilled from wheat, this tipple is creamy and light, with touches of pink peppercorn at its core.  Nose: Gentle spices, hints of custard. A touch of star anise...

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The Liberty Distillery Truth Vodka 750ml


Our hand crafted vodka made from 100% Organic BC-grown wheat, is carefully fermented in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to our copper stills. After a minimum of three distillations to ensure the highest level of purity the spirit is...

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DJ Limbrey Distlling D1 Potato Vodka 750ml


The D.J. Limbrey range of spirits grows with the introduction of D1 Vodka! This very handsome potato-based vodka features a skull on the bottle (designed by contemporary artist Jacky Tsai, just like their D1 London Gin).  Earthy though subtly...

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Hangar 1 Buddha's Hand Citron Vodka 750ml


A lovely exotic vodka using real exotic fruit not some made up chemicals unlike some. Notes: This vodka is produced in a old aircraft hanger near San Francisco in small Holstein Pot Stills. Most commercial vodka is produced in column stills at...

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Nikka Coffey Vodka 700ml


One of the big names in Japanese whisky is exploring something new - Nikka now has its very own vodka! Made using their Coffey stills with a blend of corn and malted barley, Nikka Coffey Vodka is filtered through white birch charcoal to achieve its...

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Prairie Organic Vodka 750ml


A top quality American vodka, made in Minnesota with organic corn from local farmers. Creamy and vanilla-forward. A slight hint of blueberry. -- Masters of Malt

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Sobieski Vodka 750ml


Sobieski is a Polish vodka made with golden Dankowski Rye from the fields of Mazowsze and water from Oligocene springs. It's named after King Jan III Sobieski (1629 - 1696), who was referred to by his opponents as "The Lion of Poland". A clean but...

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Stolichnaya Premium Vodka 750ml


The classic Stolichnaya Red Label vodka, filtered three times, once with quartz, then charcoal and then quartz again for a pure but original flavour profile. Light hints of orange, vanilla-y grain and menthol. -- Masters of Malt

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Van Gogh Espresso Vodka 750ml


Made with Colombian coffee beans, this vodka bears a strong resemblance to cold-brewed coffee. It has a translucent dark-brown color, espresso- and fudge-like aromas, and a good espresso flavor, with an appropriately bitter edge and a faintly minty...

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