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Make them an offer they can't refuse... A bottle of Sicilian wine! Long thought of as producer of bulk grapes for cheap wine, Sicily is coming in to its own for the production of premium wines. Regions like Mt. Etna are the darling of terroir conscious sommeliers, and native grape varieties like Nero D'Avola, Nero Mascalese, Grillo, and Carricante are gaining well deserved recognition for an island that has been producing wines for several thousand years! 


Giacondi 2018 "G" Nero D'Avola Sicilia 750ml


Nero d'Avola has produced Sicilian red wines for centuries. It's a dark-skinned grape that enjoys hot, arid climates and produces fuller wines high in tannins with medium acidity. Giacondi's "G" sports an intense nose of red plums, cherry and mocha that...

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Araldica 2018 Da Vero Organic White 750ml


This Sicilian wine is made from 100% Catarratto grapes, organically farmed in Calatafimi, which is close to Palermo. Catarratto is the most commonly planted grape in Sicily and is closely related to Garganega, another Italian variety. On the nose,...

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Mezzomondo 2019 Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay 750ml


This crisp and refreshing Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio blend is clear pale straw in colour with green tints. Aromas include melon and hints of minerality. On the palate, the Mezzomondo is dry with good weight, crisp citrus flavours and finishes on a clean...

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Planeta 2016 Etna Bianco 750ml


Here's a wine that demonstrates the extreme versatility of Etna's Carricante grape. From lower-altitude vineyard sites where the grape tends to show softer and rounder fruit aromas, the 2016 Sicilia Spumante Bianco Metodo Classico Carricante Brut is a...

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Benanti 2017 Etna Rosso 750ml


The 2017 Etna Rosso (made with 80% Nerello Mascalese and 20% Nerello Cappuccio) offers a very smoky and ashy bouquet that tells you, without any doubt, that this is a wine from the mighty Etna volcano. Rose petal and light berry aromas blur and soften...

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Benanti 2017 Etna Bianco 750ml


The 2017 Etna Bianco is a delicately perfumed and veiled expression of Carricante with soft mineral notes, white flower and easy peach or nectarine aromas. However, the true protagonist here are those carefully measured volcanic tones of ash and smoke...

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Elios 2018 Rosso 750ml


The Nero d'Avola "Modus Bibendi" from Elios is a Sicilian red wine with a full-bodied yet refreshing profile produced in the area between Alcamo and Camporeale, on the border between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. It refines for 9 months in...

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Baglio Normanno 2018 Nero d'Avola 750ml


[2016 vintage] The fruit is round and lush and flavoured with red plums and black cherries with a touch of tar and spice. Fresh, bright and ready to drink with chicken cacciatore pasta. Stock up. -- Anthony Gismondi,, 2018

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Miopasso Fiano 750ml


The perfectly ripened grapes combine with crisp, citrus acidity, to give the wine a lovely balance. Fresh and floral with touches of honey, Miopasso Fiano is perfect chilled as an aperitif and wonderful with a plate of seafood.

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Baglio Normanno 2017 Terre Siciliane Syrah 750ml


[2016 vintage] Fresh, open, aromatic nose reminiscent of blackberries and blueberries, with a resiny liquorice undercurrent. There is a sweet fruit character throughout before a chocolate, peppery, slightly bitter finish kicks in. There a rusticity...

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Vigneti Zabu 2013 Impari Nero d'Avola 750ml


Seductive and complex nose of smoke, leather, cassis, and fire-roasted vine tomatoes. Silken and bold on the palate, dark berry fruits marry well with equally savory notes as found on the nose. A serious and notable wine. Score: 92 points --...

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