Ridiculously steep vineyards and delicious riesling are the hallmarks of German wine. People tend to think of German riesling as sweet, but that isn't always the case - many of the top wines are bone dry!

Villa Wolf 2018 Gewurztraminer 750ml


Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer is clean, fruity and wonderfully light on its feet, showing off the aromatic charm of the variety without being heavy or ponderous. It has a deliciously juicy texture and a delightfully delicate aroma of spice and fresh...

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Kesselstatt 2016 RK Riesling 750ml


Fascinating bouquet: aromas of ripe yellow fruits, above all melon and apricot. Pleasant mouth-feeling due to the harmonious balance of residual sugar and acidity, minerals and spiciness on the palate - a companion for every day…   --...

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Henkell Piccolo 3 Pack 200ml


Winemaker's Notes: This dry, fully matured sparkling wine owes its elegant international character to a single cuvée of excellent wines from classical types of grapes. Henkell Trocken has a fine, pearly mousseux and a long lasting sparkle in the...

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