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Explore Domaine Huet: A Symphony of Earth, Vine, and Elegance.

Rooted in Heritage and Innovation

Founded in 1928 by Victor and Gaston Huet, Domaine Huet spans 30 hectares of the Chenin Blanc grape, nurtured across three unique parcels—Haut-Lieu, Mont, and Clos du Bourg. As pioneers of French biodynamic viticulture, the Domaine's methods honor the soil, the vine, and the environment, encapsulating the essence of each terroir in every bottle.

Eloquence in Every Bottle

Exclusively crafted from the poetic Chenin grape—known locally as "Plan du Clair de Lune"—Domaine Huet's wines boast a captivating aromatic profile. With time, they mature to reveal increasing finesse and nuance.

Craftsmanship and Cosmic Harmony

Guided by planetary rhythms, the Domaine's biodynamic practices—sustained for over 25 years—breathe life into the land. The clay of Haut-Lieu, the chiseling flint of Mont, and the full-bodied limestone of Clos du Bourg impart unparalleled elegance to the Chenin wines.

Preserving Legacy in Liquid Gold

The Domaine adheres to time-tested techniques: gentle pressing, natural fermentation, and meticulous aging in ancient barrels. Each April, the wines are bottled and continue to evolve in dark, tranquil galleries beneath the limestone—awaiting the moment to enchant palates everywhere.