Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, Domaine Servin stands as a testament to a rich heritage and a commitment to quality that transcends generations. With roots dating back to 1654, this esteemed winery, led by the expertise of François Servin and his Australian associate Mark Cameron, is one of Chablis' oldest continuously operating family-owned estates. Spanning over 37 hectares, Domaine Servin boasts some of the most prestigious parcels in the region, including four Grand Crus and six Premier Crus vineyards, alongside their notable village parcels.

At Domaine Servin, tradition harmonizes with innovation. The winery is renowned for its meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking, combining hand-harvesting techniques for their Grand Crus and select Premier Crus with modern mechanization for volume production. This blend of old and new extends to their philosophy of winemaking, where François Servin emphasizes the importance of uncloned Chardonnay vines and high-density planting, ensuring each bottle of wine reflects the unique terroir of Chablis.