Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is often likened to a lighter style of Chardonnay; light on acidity and with a flavour profile that’s more easy-going crowd pleaser than challenging and complex thought-provoker. (Think Wogan rather than Paxman.) That said, its soft, light, delicate aromas and flavours make it a versatile food match and in its best incarnations – Alsace and northern Italy produce some really cracking examples – it’s a real understated joy. Drink it young.

Scambia 2016 Pinot Bianco Bianco 750ml


100% Pinot Blanc, Smooth and Rich, bright golden color with subtle aromas of ripe apple, pineapple and spice.. Floral notes and mineral emerge when the wine opens. Impressive texture, balanced by ripe acidity that supports a long finish. 12.5 % alc./vol...

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Clos du Soleil 2016 GS Pinot Blanc 750ml


DescriptionThis Pinot Blanc, one of Clos du Soleil's acclaimed "Grower's Series", hails from a vineyard on the Middle Bench Road in Keremeos. NoseOn the nose this wine is a tightly-woven tapestry of tangerine, nectarine, and pear, with subtle floral...

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Anthony Buchanan 2016 Pinot Blanc 750ml


Vineyard:Fruit sourced from Black Sage Gravelbar, from 15 year old vines. Row orientation is North / South with a combination of organic and conventional viticulture produce high quality fruit with a real “sense of place”. Sustainably farmed...

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