Priorat has shot to fame as a producer of premium Spanish red wine over the last thirty years, despite a wine producing history that goes back almost a millennium associated with the medieval monasteries that dot this wild, mountainous region in Catalonia. These are rich, full bodied reds made primarily from Grenache and Carignan, along with a smattering of French red varieties, from low-yielding vines in the hills below the imposing Serra de Montsant range.  

Rotllan Torra 2013 Autor Priorat Crianza 750ml


This rich red delivers ripe flavors of candied cherry, fig pudding and dark chocolate. Features a plush texture backed by light tannins and orange peel acidity. Expressive, in a riper style. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Samsó. Drink now...

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