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Discover the Pinnacle of Terroir and Innovation at Fondrèche Winery: A Harmonious Dance Between Nature and Mastery

Nestled under a "lucky star" amid stunning landscapes, Fondrèche Winery is an epitome of ecological elegance and viticultural mastery. Committed to eco-conscious practices without compromising on individuality, this boutique winery embodies the true spirit of terroir-driven winemaking. Their approach transcends mere sustainability—it is an intimate connection with the earth that you can taste in every bottle.

The Vineyards: A Palette of Terroirs
Spanning 40 hectares, Fondrèche’s vineyards are a mosaic of microclimates and soil types, dedicated to specific production goals. The historic Fondrèche plateau, a medley of stony, chalky, and sandy-clayed soil, is the birthplace of their robust reds. Other plots favor the creation of vivacious rosés and crisp whites, each showcasing the vineyard's unique mineral structure and climate-driven depth.

Viticulture: Where Ecology Meets Excellence
Herbicides are a word not found in Fondrèche’s dictionary. Relying on lunar calendars and green fertilizers from leguminous plants, the vineyard champions the most ecological solutions, elevating not just the soil but also the wine's natural defenses.

The Cellar: A Symphony of Tradition and Technology
Striking a perfect balance between old-world charm and modern prowess, Fondrèche employs groundbreaking technology like nitrogen blow-down press and ovoid tanks. These innovations serve one purpose: to respect the raw material, minimizing external inputs, and letting the terroir speak.

Vinification: The Pursuit of Purity
Selection of the finest grapes followed by sulfur-free vinifications result in wines that are the epitome of balance—deeply mineral, fresh yet bodied, and elegantly forceful.

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