Karukera Rhum Vieux Agricole Reserve Speciale 700ml


Rhum Agricole from the Karukera range, produced in Guadeloupe and matured in rather small barrels. Though it's one of their younger expressions, this Karukera Rhum is by no means uninteresting - highly aromatic and fragrant, with vanilla and caramel...

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Angostura 1919 8 Year Old Rum 750ml


Angostura's 1919 has received a rather snazzy redesign! However, the Trinidadian rum within the bottle remains the same - absolutely delicious. Nose: Rich and spiced. Cola, toasty oak. Vanilla spice and caramel. Plenty of ginger and...

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Cockspur Spiced Rum 750ml


A spiced rum-based spirit drink from the Bajan rum brand, Cockspur. Presented at 22% ABV, this is good for mixing, and works particularly well with citrus flavours... -- Masters of Malt

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Matusalem Platino Rum 750ml


A triple distilled white rum, aged using the solera method in the Dominican Republic. Matusalem Platino is crisp, clean and tangy, and works beautifully in cocktails. -- Masters of Malt

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Xaymaca Plantation Special Dry Jamaican Rum 750ml


This 100% pot still Jamaican rum made with a blend of spirits from Long Pond and Clarendon distilleries, which Maison Ferrand now owns a third of after purchasing the West Indies Rum Distillery in 2017. Master blender Alexandre Gabriel created the...

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Cruzan Black Strap Rum 750ml


Toasty/roasted aromas of molasses, black coffee and road tar begin the nosing stage, then bittersweet scents of oatmeal stout ale, licorice, dark cocoa, pipe tobacco and brown sugar take over. Palate entry is long, more sweet than bittersweet and dark...

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Havana Club 3 Year Old Anejo 750ml


This Havana Club has been aged for three years in bourbon casks and then filtered, hence its colour. A classic rum and a key component of good, refreshing Daiquiri (or just about any rum cocktail), and it even won a gold medal at the International...

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Havana Club 7 Year Old Rum 750ml


Feast your eyes upon Havana Club Añejo 7 Year Old, a wonderfully flavoursome Cuban rum that is no stranger to awards. Back when it was created, this was the first Havana Club expression that was intended for sipping neat rather than for using in...

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Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old Gran Reserva Rum 750ml


A 12 year old dark rum from Ron Abuelo of Panama. They age their rum in whiskey barrels, which adds a distinct vanilla sweetnses. This 12 year old was launched in 2009, and is elegant, slightly smoky and rich. It was awarded a Gold at the 2009 Ministry...

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Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old Rum 750ml


Made with a blend of rums aged seven years, this silky spirit has an amber color and warm toffee aroma. On the palate, this rum is relatively dry, with clove and cinnamon spice and a lingering vanilla note. Good alcohol balance, just enough for structure...

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Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum 750ml


Ron Abuelo (literally ‘Grandfather’s rum in Spanish) is distilled from fermented molasses at the family owned Varela Hermanos distillery in Panama. Aged in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels for a reported minimum of 5 years. Appearance:...

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Ron Abuelo Centuria Rum 750ml


A rare rum blend made in Panama, Ron Abuelo Centuria is aged in Jack Daniel's whiskey barrels in the solera method. Some of the rums are as old as 30 years, and the flavour is astonishingly rich and punchy. -- Masters of Malt

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Ron Abuelo Napolean Cognac Cask Rum 750ml


An interesting expression from Panamanian Rum range Ron Abuelo - a well-aged expression which has been given a finishing period in casks that previously contained Napoleon Cognac! Ought to be a fascinating tipple... Nose: Melon,...

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