Cabernet Franc

Des Ouches 2015 Bourgueil "Igoranda" 750ml


Thomas and Denis Gambier are 8th generation winemakers who specialize in red wines made from Cabernet Franc. In case you're wondering, Igoranda was the border between the old Anjou and Touraine regions. Grown in mostly gravelly soil with traditional...

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Des Ouches 2014 Bourgueil "Coteau des Ouches" 750ml


These 8th generation winemakers are located in Loire's Bourgueil region. They make mostly red wines and one rosé from Cabernet Franc. Careful attention is paid to the entire process, including hand harvesting, to emphasize the unique terroir of...

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Epoque 2016 Cabernet Franc 750ml


Located in Bergerac, southwestern France, this wine comes from a progressive cooperative that has 400 grape grower families. Cabernet Franc generally ripens earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon thus enabling plantings of this grape in cooler sites.Red garnet...

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