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The Jaume family, boasting a legacy in winemaking that dates back to 1826 in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, took a significant step in 1979 when Alain and Odile Jaume founded Domaine Grand Veneur. With an initial allotment of 22 acres in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the domaine has grown exponentially and now encompasses nearly 170 acres, covering the majority of the Southern Rhône appellations.

Over the years, Alain Jaume has been progressively transferring the reins of the estate to his sons, Sébastien and Christophe. Despite this generational shift, the principles underpinning the domaine's impressive track record remain unchanged.

The vineyards are carefully maintained, with the soil's health prioritized. Gentle plowing and the application of plant-based composts ensure fertile ground for grape growth. To ensure quality over quantity, a green harvest is conducted annually. This process allows the healthiest grape clusters optimal exposure to the sun, while facilitating proper air circulation.

Each grape bunch is hand-harvested and pre-selected before fermentation. The wines are then vinified and matured using methodologies tailored for each specific cuvée. This meticulous process yields wines of immense complexity, enjoyable in their youth, yet promising an enriched experience with patient cellaring.

Stylistically, the Domaine Grand Veneur leans towards tradition, favoring tanks and stainless steel in their processes. However, their Châteauneuf du Papes wines have a distinct modern appeal and benefit from substantial time in small barrels. They skillfully preserve their Southern Rhône character, displaying impressive purity, balance, and the potential for graceful aging.

Today, these are some of the most thrilling wines emerging from the region. They undoubtedly deserve your attention and are not to be missed.