Cesconi Blauwal Sparkling 750ml


Blauwal (blue whale) a seemingly puzzling name for bubble coming from a mountainous region. The original label was a sketch of a blue whale, designed by Elisabetta Foradori’s late husband. They recently re-designed labels to this now more classic,...

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Cesconi 2013 Vino Bianco Olivar 750ml


Olivar has been a popular wine in the past. It is a blend of Pinot Bianco 40%, Chardonnay 30%, and Pinot Grigio 30% all grown on their Pressano vineyard. Varieties are fermented in large oak barrels followed by ten months of barrique aging, blending and...

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Cesconi 2014 Vino Bianco Manzoni 750ml


Particular to this region, this variety was historically used as a blending component. Its parents are Riesling and Pinot Bianco. Here it grows close to Garda on alluvial soils with great geological complexity (volcanic, sedimentary, schists, dolomite...

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