Rhone Valley

For centuries, the denizens of the Rhone River Valley have cultivated wine grapes, with records dating back to at least the 1st Century CE, if not earlier. Presently, the wine-growing regions of the Rhone Valley in France are divided into two distinct areas: the northern and the southern region. In the northern Rhone, the revered Syrah grape thrives, giving birth to some of the world's most exquisite red wines, alongside the renowned Viognier for whites. Meanwhile, in the warmer southern region, Grenache takes center stage among the red varieties, complemented by the presence of Syrah and Mourvedre, while an array of other grape varieties such as Marsanne and Roussanne contribute to the composition of captivating white wines. At Marquis, our devotion to Rhone wines knows no bounds, and our selection of exclusive Rhone producers remains unparalleled across Canada.