Fuji Takasago Yamahi Green Tea Sake 300ml


A cloudy green in colour thanks to the Shizuoka Macha Tea blended in to this Plum Wine. This delightful wine is fruity and sweet, with aromas of Japanese plums and green tea. On the palate again it's sweet, although drier than you might expect, with...

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YK3 Yu Junmai Eleven Sake 375ml


Well balanced light-bodied junmai sake with lower alcohol %.  Yu junmai eleven sake starts with subtle sweetness and nutty flavour and finishes smoothly. Perfect for easy drinking and pairing with light flavoured dishes.  --Sakemaker

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YK3 Yu Junmai Sake 375ml


​Los Angeles International Wine CompetitionSILVER medal (2017) / BRONZE medal (2015)Medium-bodied traditional junmai sake with elegant nose, crisp taste and smooth finish. With fruity aromas like a green apple and a hint of nuts giving a savory...

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