Nakano Rose Umeshu 300ml


Made from plums of the Nakano region, Japan, this sweet refreshing plum wine is meant to be drunk on the rocks or with a bit of spritz in the summertime. Aromas and flavours of rose hips and berries.

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Oku no Matsu Sakura Dai-Ginjo 300ml


Gold medal winner in 2009 and 2010, this wonderful sake is brewed with pure spring water from Mount Adatara and high quality rice grown in Fukushima prefecture.  This sake has a mellow aroma and flavor with a light clean finish.

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Tenzan Shichida Junmai Muroka Sake 720ml


This sake has a calming, sweet aroma, reminiscent of honey, as well as refreshing hints of green apple. A refined, mild acidity completes the palate. Type: JunmaiRice Varietal: Local Yamadanishiki, ReihouRice Milling Rate: 65%Alcohol: 17% --Sakemaker

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Tenzan Bamboo Jizake 300ml


It is common knowledge in Japan that fireflies live near pure water. Tenzan Sake Brewery is located in a town known for such refined water that attracts more than 100,000 fireflies during the summer. This Junmai Genshu exhibits a full-bodied taste and a...

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Dai Shichi Minowamon Junmai Dai-Ginjo 720ml


This junmai daiginjo sake, brewed by the traditional kimoto method, was the first in Japan produced using the super-flat rice-polishing technique developed by Daishichi to achieve the total elimination of all components that might result in undesirable...

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