Daniel Dampt et Fils

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Discover the esteemed offerings from Domaine Daniel Dampt et Fils, a family-operated vineyard with deep roots in the Chablis region of northern Burgundy. Spanning over 150 years of winemaking heritage, the domaine meticulously cultivates 22 hectares across Chablis Premier Cru and Petit Chablis vineyards, alongside exclusive bottles from the Chablis Grand Cru appellation. Their commitment to sustainable practices ensures the natural expression of the Chardonnay grape is preserved.

Nestled in the historical village of Milly within Chablis, Domaine Daniel Dampt et Fils is renowned for its self-reliant approach to viticulture and vinification, seamlessly blending ancestral wisdom with modern innovation under the stewardship of Vincent and Sébastien Dampt. Their vineyards, rooted in the mineral-rich Kimmeridigian soil, yield a trio of appellations each reflecting the unique characteristics of their terroir, including the distinguished Chablis Grand Cru Bougros and celebrated Premier Crus.

The domaine also harvests Petit Chablis from the Portlandian soil of Fyé, adding a distinctive flair to their portfolio. Across the globe, Domaine Daniel Dampt et Fils is recognized for creating Chablis wines of exceptional quality, enjoyed by discerning patrons and industry experts alike.