Tassoni Chinotto 4 Pack 180ml

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Citrus fruits with a unique aroma and taste, infused with care and attention together with spices and bitter roots to which lemon juice and organic sugar are added, to create a drink with a unique taste. The original flavor, the intense taste and the citrus and spicy hints of cloves and pepper give the Chinotto Bio Tassoni an unmistakable taste that combines the scents of the Mediterranean with the East. On the palate, a moderate sweetness and acidity slowly give way to a slight but persistent bitter aftertaste. The brown amber color is also unique: the color is given by a simple and all natural caramel, produced with organic caramelized cane sugar, which gives a less dark color than conventional chinotti. The recipe is short, clean and with few ingredients, without the addition of artificial flavors or preservatives.