Grower Champagne

By definition, a Grower Champagne is one that is produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the wine is produced.

In other words, a grower-producer. Over the past few years this category of Champagne has been growing in popularity and the options available in the BC market have increased dramatically. For well over a decade, Marquis Wine Cellars has been a champion of these tremendous wines. Grower Champagnes are more vinous in quality than those produced at large Maisons like Veuve Clicquot or Mumms. Some defining characteristics of Grower Champagnes are that they tend to be crafted from specific plots of vines, and are fermented and often bottled in small lots. This means they have a distinctive taste vintage to vintage.

They are not crafted to a specific “house style” but are rather an expression of their terroir.

This catalogue showcases the extensive selection of exclusive grower Champagnes that we have for sale at the store this Holiday season. We have new vintages of long-time favourites Paul Bara, Gaston Chiquet, Jacquesson (not technically a Grower Champagne but they produce their wines with the same ethos) plus a host of others. As part of our 45 Days of Champagne celebration we are offering a 10% discount off the purchase of 6 or more bottles of any of the Champagnes listed in this catalogue, mixed orders permitted. This is a great opportunity to stock the cellar with some amazing Champagnes that you can enjoy over the Holiday season, or the coming months and years. We have over 30 different Champagnes on offer this year in a variety of size formats, so we are bound to have a bottle to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Browse our selection below or download our 2016 Exclusive Marquis Grower Champagne brochure (PDF) for more information. 

Grower Champagne Selection