Slow Hand Beer Co. Munich Helles 4 Pack 473ml

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Slow Hand Munich Helles is crystal clear and a pale amber in color. Sort of a combination of ripe hay and lemon rind. The head is rocky, bone white, and sports decent enough retention. Gentle malt aromas lead the charge, giving a combination of soda cracker and ripe, golden grain. Honey-like sweetness brightens the aroma nicely, providing a bridge between up front malts and just the barest hint of sulfur in the center. These aromas blend together fairly seamlessly before leading into a finish where I smell fresh cut grass. On the tongue, Slow Hand is smooth, crisp, well attenuated, and overall very refreshing. Up front flavors give me grainy, biscuit malt in the form of ripe grain, soda cracker, and maybe hints of fresh biscuits. Malt sweetness comes in next, helping flavors transition towards a rounded, refreshing center. That rounded center is where I get hints of sulfur again. The finish is crisp and slightly bitter, offering the peppery notes of noble European hops. It's crisp, rounded, refreshing, and very enjoyable in its overall flavor and aroma profile. The flavors and aromas are all very nicely balanced, each element supporting the next.