Karukera Rhum Agricole L'Expression Brut de Fût 2019 700ml

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Karukera L'Expression Brut De Fût invites us to discover what barrel work can bring to a rum from its first months of aging. This amber agricultural rum was distilled in July 2019 in Guadeloupe, on the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte Marie. The cellar master started aging in new French oak barrels on August 13, 2019. 8 months later, on 15 April 2020, the rum was transferred to old cognac barrels, to perfect its aromatic profile.

It was racked on 16 October 2020 and then rested quietly until 12 November 2020. The bottling was carried out without cold filtration or reduction of the alcohol content. It is therefore a brut de fût which has retained all its power and aromas.

The nose is deeply spicy but at the same time very sweet. The tonka bean seems to want to come to the fore, then is overtaken by a generous slice of honeyed gingerbread. The vegetal cane is definitely candied and velvety.

With aeration, the intensity of the spices is still more present, but it is combined with the sweetness and the suave side of the rum. There is an almost cereal-like quality to it, which would have been drawn from the heart of the toasted oak.

The palate is caressed by a generous, round and mellow woodiness, with comforting and chocolatey flavours. One can also imagine a soft gingerbread, enriched with sugarcane honey. Because sugar cane has never disappeared from this unique profile. It is always more velvety and mature, and we imagine it to be fluffy and tender.

The finish sees the return of the spices, with a good pinch of a pastry blend, and a drop of vanilla syrup.

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