Easy Rider Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml

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Vital Stats: This four-year-aged offering is 80 proof and “blended with glacier-fed spring water from Mount Hood”; prices around $25 per 750 ml bottle.

Appearance: This whiskey has a clear, golden-brown hue. The bottle has rounded shoulders and a cork/wood top in the return-to-rustic fashion many distillers are turning to these days. The black label feels like dry pleather and is embossed with metallic lettering.

Nose: One of the faintest scents you’ll ever encounter in a whiskey with just the slightest whiff of general sweetness.

Palate: A dominantly sweet, vanilla flavor suffuses this smooth whiskey. It has a tongue numbing, cinnamon touch that snowballs into a pleasant burn at the back of the throat. Slight, peaty bitterness rounds things out in an agreeable manner.

-- thewhiskeywash.com