Caffo Amaro di S. Maria al Monte 700ml

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Amaro S. Maria has been prepared for centuries according to the ancient original formula of the Convent of S. Maria al Monte.  The doses and characteristics of the more than thirty ingredients are respected with absolute rigour through meticulous herb control and a maturing and processing time of almost a year and a half.  The cold infusion of ground herbs, rhizomes, flowers, roots, barks, seeds, resins and leaves takes about two months and guarantees the extraction of the noble parts of the plants rich in healing properties.
After eight months of maturation, alcohol and sugar are added to the resulting mixture, and only after a further six months of maturation is a bitter of 40 alcoholic degrees, with a full and rounded taste, famous for the perfect harmony of aromas and great digestive properties that make it unique and inimitable.  It is an exceptionally intense and harmonious digestive, firm to be enjoyed neat, exhilarating with ice at the end of a meal, and perfect as a coffee corrective.