Here we go again - what do the scores mean? Who writes them is key.

Posted by John Clerides on 13th May 2019

A few years ago I attend a bloggers conference in Walla Walla Washington. One of the seminars was lead by Lettie Teague, James Conway, and I forget who the third person was.As I have mentioned in previous posts, the most asked question was: how do I monetize my website? I looked around the room and at my table mates and most everyone was in their late 20s and early 30s.So I decided to ask the people around me who have been to Burgundy no hands came up. I then asked who has been to Spain, again n
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Wine Ratings - What the %^&$ do they mean?

Posted by John Clerides on 2nd May 2019

When I first started in the wine business some 33 years ago, there were very few American wine writers & critics, most of the journalists were from England. Clive Coates, Michael Broadbent, Serena Sutcliffe and Hugh Jonson come to mind.For those of you who have traveled to the UK the English have a far different palate than those of North Americans. Wines were rated out of 20 points.So if a wine received say 15/20 and if my math is correct, that is 75% or 5 points from 20/20 apparent perfect
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Been too long since I have done this, yikes.

Posted by John Clerides on 14th Nov 2018

Well folks, it is that time of the year again when we are rushed for time with another party to attend. Hopefully we can alleviate some of those headaches by saving you some time in your day.Going to make this short. If you need wine for your home or office party (or gift giving), you can order online, give us a call at 604-684-0445, or email us at us what you want and we will take care of it for you. That is all folks - enjoy your holiday season!
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Burgundy 2018

Posted by John Clerides on 18th Oct 2018

Well, my marathon trip is now over, some 16 days, and most likely over 1,000 plus wines tasted. And the verdict is: the 2016 and 2017 vintages ROCK. Virtually across the board, all of the wines I tasted were excellent-to-superb. The key is keeping acidity and freshness in the wines and virtually all the growers I tasted managed to achieve these results.The reds have depth, freshness, elegance, and grace and the whites also have a beautiful spine of acidity enveloped with the long legs of richnes
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