John talks natural wines with DJ

Posted by John C on Nov 24, 2022

With me here today is DJ Kearny, one of the great wine educators in North America, and we are lucky that she lives in Vancouver, and I am even luckier I get to call her a friend. When I asked her is we could do a little video on natural, organic, and bio- dynamic wines she said yes.

I just got back from the Raw Wine Fair in Montreal, and of course to see a Habs game. This is the second time I have attended a RAW Wine Fair. The first one was in Los Angeles some 5 odd years ago, and now this one in Montreal. The jump in quality of wines has been no less than significant. I must have tasted over 250 wines in at the fair in LA and only two growers I would have considered brining in. One I visited in France, and they still are on my radar. The wines I tasted in Montreal were significantly better. I have at least 10 growers I am going to follow up with.