​What is in an address

Posted by John Clerides on May 11, 2018

I get a lot of people asking me why does this Bordeaux or that Burgundy cost so much more, while I can get a similar wine from someplace else?

The answer is easy, there are a lot of very good to great wines from other regions but when you are talking the best in any given category here is what I tell my clients.

You can go buy a 2500+ square foot house in Beverly Hills or Shaughnessy and it will cost a certain amount of money, a lot of money.

You can go buy the same size house in the suburbs and it will cost you substantially less, the house could be exactly the same, the difference is the address, the location.

Certain regions have a historical track record of crafting great wine year in year out, scarcity too. There just isn’t any more land in either place, the choice is yours. I am just the messenger