Greek Wines, etc.

Posted by John Clerides on May 09, 2018

I have always liked the underdog and I never knew why until let year. It is funny how a seeming less least to my unobservant eyes, moment in time shapes your very being.

For those of you who know me I am big hockey fan, played it coached even went to the provincial finals, lost though. I love what the game has given me, lifelong passion, friends and a sport I am pretty decent at.

Not so long ago a really good friend of mine asked me why I liked the Montreal Canadiens - dumb question to ask a Habs fan right? Well I said there was this team called the Big Bad Boston Bruins, the had Bobby Orr, Esposito had come off a 76 goal scoring seasons, Ken Hodge, Wayne Cashman, Sanderson, Johnny Mackenzie et all.

They tore up the league in 71/72 and were expected to win the Stanley Cup. First round of the playoffs they played the Habs. Montreal had this rookie goaltender by the name Ken Dryden, a few other pretty darn good players, Beliveau, his last season, Cournyer, Henri Richard, Jacques Lemaire, Pete and Frank Mahovlich, JC Tremblay and a few other hall of famers.

Long story short Montreal won the series, and went on their way to win the Stanley Cup. That was it for me. She paused and said you like underdogs, I paused longer, thought about it ND said gee your right why did it take me almost 50 years to figure this out, she laughed.

I always give people encouragement, no matter how bad the idea is. Sometimes telling someone something is dumb idea cab bursts their bubble, which I hate doing and has been done to me but sometimes just sometimes they tell themselves the heck with it what the heck does John know and go on to greatness.

This brings me to Greek wines, my family is Greek/Cypriot, talk to me ten years ago and I would swear up and down giving you every reason in the book to not only not bring in Greek wines but never to do business with them.

Last year I went to Greece with my good friend Georgia. We toured the vineyards and attended a wine show in Athens - WOW - I was blown away the wines are tremendous. Indigenous varietals like Xinomavro, assyrtiko, Malagoishia, and Argiokitio. The winemakers studied in Athens, a great wine school or of course France. Many vineyards are organic and downright tasty.

I brought in a ton of them and will continue to do so. Long live the underdogs, they will always have a home in my shop, I never want to bust someone’s bubble