Back to Greece

Posted by John Clerides on Apr 27, 2018

I have been told the older you get, the more you go back to your roots, even if you were born in Canada. My parents immigrated to Canada, my mum in 1948 (story is great but I will leave it for another post), and my dad from Cyprus.

They tried hard, and did, to assimilate to the Canadian way of life, they always told me about their roots, their life and their times. An honest man's pillow is his peace of mind - Mellencamp Minutes to Memories.

I always avoided selling Greek wines, after all the country is a mess, and I was always afraid of doing business with them. As my dad always told me if you want roses to grow, you first must have shit.

Last year I did a Greek wine tour with a good friend of mine. I came back with a new appreciation of the wines, WOW, hand made, limited production and really freaking tasty.

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