Ariati 2021 Mariatinto 2021 Red Blend Ariati 750ml

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This is a fascinating and delicious red from Mexico.  Mariatinto winery is situated in Ensenada, on the peninsula of Baja California just south of the American border. A 90-minute drive from San Diego will get you there, barring a busy border, and then it’s a scenic drive to the vineyard region of the Valle de Guadalupe. The climate is ideal for grape-growing, with perpetual sunshine and persistent cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean; the limestone terroir is very reminiscent of the Mediterranean Coast of Spain and Southern France. The 2021 Red Blend intriguingly contains five grape varieties: tempranillo, syrah, cabernet franc, nebbiolo and merlot. The aromas and flavours are a complex amalgam, with delightfully interwoven layers of cherry, leather, smoke, oak, cherry, vanilla, plum, and chocolate. Ageing for a year in French oak barrels adds a spicy layer to the bright fruit and suave tannins. Started in 2002 by a famed restaurateur and a wine exporter, they use grapes from eight well-established growers from around Ensenada to create Mariatinto. If you’ve had dismal experiences with Mexican wine on holidays, this will remedy the poor impression they might have left on your palate. The sleek bottle, embossed, modern label and the lovely juice inside is a harbinger of great Mexican wines to come. Mariatinto is worthy of a holiday pairing such as with your masterful, fully loaded turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day.

-- DJ Kearney