Why Greek Wines Are Trending

Posted by John Clerides on Jul 11, 2019

Greek Wines Are Trending I know some of you most likely think I am crazy talking about Greek wines, but that is ok, I kind of like being an outlier. People thought I was nuts bringing in Washington State, (Quilceda Creek was $30.00 which is now $300.00) Oregon wines and even those from Santa Barbara — oh and hey, Austrian wines, too. This is my second trip to Greece in three years and the wines are superb. Not married by oak (kind of like too much cologne or perfume) the wines are real and aut …
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Greece's Rebel Farmers

Posted by John Clerides on Jun 13, 2019

I read this article on my Aljazeera new feed, it is nothing less than amazing. Kind of funny how organic, natural etc has taken hold, I kind of laugh at this, not that it’s a joke, it's not, but why it's taken so freaking long for us to clue in is mysterious to me.My mum is from a small island in Greece called Skopelos it’s not as familiar as say Santorini but when I say it was the island Mama Mia was filmed on everyone goes oooh. My father was born on another small island called …
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Wine Lingo - What is all this gibberish about?

Posted by John Clerides on Jun 05, 2019

A long time ago I remember watching Phil Donahue, ya ok I am dating myself, he was interviewing William F Buckley Jr. slouched down in his seat, tie askew, somewhat disheveled he was asked why does he have to use all those fancy words. His reply, and somewhat elitist, was the English language, like others, was created to describe specific things, happenings, nuances, otherwise how would people in specific fields communicate with each other.Definitely not as smart and hopefully nowhere near as ar …
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