Burgundy 2018

Posted by John Clerides on Oct 18, 2018

Well, my marathon trip is now over, some 16 days, and most likely over 1,000 plus wines tasted. And the verdict is: the 2016 and 2017 vintages ROCK. Virtually across the board, all of the wines I tasted were excellent-to-superb. The key is keeping acidity and freshness in the wines and virtually all the growers I tasted managed to achieve these results.

The reds have depth, freshness, elegance, and grace and the whites also have a beautiful spine of acidity enveloped with the long legs of richness.

While I have not yet decided which specific wines I want to bring in, rest assured they will be wise choices. I have not been this excited for certain vintages in a long time.

If you wish to receive any of our 2016 or 2017 offerings of Burgundies please email jonellison@marquis-wines.com

Places to Eat in Burgundy:

Here is a shortlist of cool places to while you are Beaune.

Caves Madeleine - Reservations necessary

Ma Cuisine - Reservations necessary

La Buissonniere - Reservations necessary

Le Carnot - An easy bistro, busy, food is decent

La Dilettante - Lolo used to own Caves Madeleine - reservations necessary

Les Part des Anges - Great little wine bar

Le Bistrot du Coin - Great little wine bar