A Case for Rosé - ANY Day

Posted by Samantha D on May 20, 2022

The weather lately has been... less than ideal. The idea of picking up a bottle of Rosé might seem a little early in the minds of many. However, I would like to plead the case that The Pink Juice is the perfect wine any day of the year. (“Objection: hearsay!”)I present to the jury my evidence:Exhibit A: More often than not, Rosés are going to be made dry -- crisp, juicy, refreshing, and DRY. There is still a common misconception that Rosé is going to be sweet. If you’re old enough to remember Ar …
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Hitting Home: The Future of B.C. Wine in the Face of Global Crises

Posted by Samantha D on Apr 04, 2022

British Columbia is one of the youngest wine regions in the world, only having been selling commercially since the early 1990’s. Back then there were less than 20 licensed wineries and just over 1000 acres of vines planted. Fast forward to today: B.C. has 9 Geographical Indications (and 5 sub-GI's), over 300 licensed wineries and more than 10,500 acres planted - including over 900 vineyard plots. Each region has its own unique terroir and climate that extends from as far North as the Thompson Va …
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​Rhymes with Orange: The Buzz on Natural, Etcetera

Posted by Samantha D on Mar 29, 2022

Natural and Organic wines are being increasingly sought after. Many consumers have claimed that they feel better (health and global sustainability reasons alike) for choosing these wines over “non-organic” or “non vegan” options. However, as with many marketing buzz words, these terms get thrown around a lot and it can cause the consumer to have to maneuver through a lot of grey - well, orange - area. So, what is the difference between natural, orange, organic and biodynamic? IS there a dif …
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