Here we go again - what do the scores mean? Who writes them is key.

Posted by John Clerides on 13th May 2019

A few years ago I attend a bloggers conference in Walla Walla Washington. One of the seminars was lead by Lettie Teague, James Conway, and I forget who the third person was.As I have mentioned in previous posts, the most asked question was: how do I monetize my website? I looked around the room and at my table mates and most everyone was in their late 20s and early 30s.So I decided to ask the people around me who have been to Burgundy no hands came up. I then asked who has been to Spain, again n
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Beaujolais: A region lost in time

Posted by John Clerides on 18th Oct 2018

I also visited Beaujolais while I was in France. This was my second trip in three years there and a couple of things really struck me. This is an region almost lost in time; fortunes moved north to Burgundy. I was speaking with a new supplier and discussed a passage in a book published in 1926 that read, "Burgundy best to avoid, Beaujolais age five years."Assembling all of the information in my brain about the wines I tasted - they way there are made, if young wine drinkers want to learn h
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