Beaujolais: A region lost in time

Posted by John Clerides on Oct 18, 2018

I also visited Beaujolais while I was in France. This was my second trip in three years there and a couple of things really struck me. This is an region almost lost in time; fortunes moved north to Burgundy. I was speaking with a new supplier and discussed a passage in a book published in 1926 that read, "Burgundy best to avoid, Beaujolais age five years."

Assembling all of the information in my brain about the wines I tasted - they way there are made, if young wine drinkers want to learn how wine was made 30-40 years ago - then decided visiting Beaujolais may be worth a side trip for a few days.

The area is blessed with the main ingredient to make great wines, old vines, and this you cannot hurry up. Stems are still used as are large old oak barrels. Some, not all, of the wines are quite hard to taste when the cork is initially popped and they need a ton of time and air to open up. These are not show wines, in fact, the wines work far better with food.

Having said that there are some absolutely stellar wines and in the New Year we will be bringing in a smart selection of Beaujolais, I believe you will be impressed.