John talks natural wines with DJ

Posted by John C on Nov 24, 2022

With me here today is DJ Kearny, one of the great wine educators in North America, and we are lucky that she lives in Vancouver, and I am even luckier I get to call her a friend. When I asked her is we could do a little video on natural, organic, and bio- dynamic wines she said yes.I just got back from the Raw Wine Fair in Montreal, and of course to see a Habs game. This is the second time I have attended a RAW Wine Fair. The first one was in Los Angeles some 5 odd years ago, and now this one in …
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​Rhymes with Orange: The Buzz on Natural, Etcetera

Posted by Samantha D on Mar 29, 2022

Natural and Organic wines are being increasingly sought after. Many consumers have claimed that they feel better (health and global sustainability reasons alike) for choosing these wines over “non-organic” or “non vegan” options. However, as with many marketing buzz words, these terms get thrown around a lot and it can cause the consumer to have to maneuver through a lot of grey - well, orange - area. So, what is the difference between natural, orange, organic and biodynamic? IS there a dif …
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