​Who and what inspires you?

Posted by John Clerides on Apr 27, 2018

Is it a great song, is a great piece of art, is it a breathtaking Mountain View, is it a great bottle of wine that speaks of place and tells a story?

Inspiration comes, or for me hits you in many forms. I had just finished eating breakfast at The Dutch Pancake House and I was paying my bill.

Mellencamp song came on the radio, I was tapping my foot lip syncing the words a gentleman sitting at the table in front of the cash out desk asked me if I play a musical instrument? I said so long ago it doesn't count anymore and I began to tell him about Mellencamp.

Sticking to his guns, how he started, record company executives named him John Cougar and how he hated it.

Pink Houses, Scarecrow ad Lonesome Jubilee albums, how he sings about small town America, the farmers, dreams, and aspirations.

I suggested he listen to Minutes to Memories which is one of my favourite songs and to listen to his speech in being admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame watch watch this Youtube video.

Following his passion no matter what the obstacles are, doing his own thing carving his own path for me that is what inspires me what inspires you?