A Case for Rosé - ANY Day

Posted by Samantha D on May 20, 2022

The weather lately has been... less than ideal. The idea of picking up a bottle of Rosé might seem a little early in the minds of many. However, I would like to plead the case that The Pink Juice is the perfect wine any day of the year. (“Objection: hearsay!”)I present to the jury my evidence:Exhibit A: More often than not, Rosés are going to be made dry -- crisp, juicy, refreshing, and DRY. There is still a common misconception that Rosé is going to be sweet. If you’re old enough to remember Ar …
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The Pink Stuff

Posted by Jenn G. on Apr 17, 2020

This time last year you may have been like me, wandering your neighbourhood marvelling at the cherry blossoms in their array of pinks, soft and downy and sweet...a yearly sight that brings with it an end to winter and a promise of summer soon to come. Longer days, warmer sunshine and friends coming out of cold weather hibernation to spend social time together once again, perhaps even outside basking in the suns glow.Though we may not be experiencing the usual liveliness of a B.C. spring this yea …
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