Zapiain Natural Basque Cider 750ml

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Zapiain Gure Sagardoa is a natural cider made in the Basque Country mainly with sharp and bitter apples. The apple is harvested in its optimal state of ripeness and is pressed to obtain the must. Once fermented, a completely natural drink is obtained, without added sulphites and with about 6% alcohol. Zapiain Gure Sagardoa is a live, unfiltered, unpasteurized and unstabilized product made under the Gorenak quality brand, which certifies the quality of the product through physical-chemical and organoleptic analysis by an independent tasting panel.

Fresh apples and herbal aromas, with a well balanced acidity and bitterness. There is a presence of crisp apples, hints of citrus and pineapple, accentuated by a fine natural bubble.