Sea Star Bulla Maris Sparkling 750ml

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Our sparkling blush, Bulla Maris, exhibits the playful, bubbly character of its name. A select blend of Pinot Gris, Auxerrois and Pinot Noir impart a light, dry style, balanced with a creamy structure. Bold notes of cranberry and red fruit delight the nose and palate, with the fresh, fleshy taste of ripe cherry taking centre stage. Serve well chilled with soft cheeses, fruits, and cakes.

The Cushion Star, Pteraster tesselatus, has five short, bulbous arms, giving it the puffy, inflated appearance of a pin cushion. It is commonly found in deep, broken rock close to cloud sponges, a favoured food and reef-forming animal that provides vital habitat for many coastal BC species.