Punt e Mes Vermouth 750ml

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A classic red vermouth created by Carpano all the way back in 1870, Punt E Mes was actually named after a… stock broking term? Punt E Mes translates to ‘a point and a half’, and at the end of a day stock brokers would enter the Carpano bar and ask for exactly that (but this also happened on a day when key stocks had fallen by one and a half points). So, the link was made and the drink was named as such after they all had a good laugh about it (we assume).

The vermouth contains quinine, which adds to the lovely bitterness, alongside 10 other herbs and spices. The result is a superbly balanced and herbal flavour. A great addition to many a cocktail.

Bittersweet, as expected, with a good helping of sweeter dark red fruits, baking spices, vanilla, orange peel and a pinch of tobacco, with a bitter fruitiness returning on the finish.