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Savio Volpe is a restaurant styled after the classic osteria; rustic fare in the Italian tradition of freshness and regionality, using groceries gathered in the nearby lakes, oceans, farms and fields. Everything is prepared in the simplest, most flavourful way; pasta is handmade fresh every day – fatta a mano in casa – and meat, poultry and fish are kissed by smoke over the wood-fired grill and rotisserie. And of course, a long list of friendly Italian wines and old world coffee to inspire conversation and good cheer. Above all else, Savio celebrates liveliness, warmth and hospitality. Viva la convivialità!

Pepino’s Spaghetti House, "The House that Spaghetti Built" is an homage to both the cuisine that developed in the Italian immigrant communities during the early part of the 20th century, and to the locale’s celebrated influence in Vancouver’s Little Italy.

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