Elena Penna RAV18 Vermouth di Torino Superiore Rosso 750ml

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The challenge for Elena and Luca was using Barolo Ravera Vietti 2018, a wine that fully expresses their company’s winemaking philosophy and which, over the years, has obtained maximum scores and prestigious awards in international competitions. They could have chosen to take shortcuts by using less noble wines, since the aromatic components of the botanicals could mask the original flavor of the base wine. But that approach was never part of Elena and Luca’s modus operandi: given the wealth of crus available in the Langhe, it was natural to produce their vermouth using the best Piedmontese wines; 33% Barolo Ravera Vietti from the Ravera vineyard on the hill of Novello and 67% Roero Arneis, another landmark wine in the company’s history, thanks to the winemaking talents of our forefather Alfredo Currado.

A selection of herbs and botanicals macerated in alcohol is added to the base of RAV 18 and Roero Arneis. ingredients are preferably sourced from small, sustainable growers or harvesters, often local, family-run businesses who follow the rhythm of the seasons. Choosing these elements is a constant quest for high-quality ingredients with strong links to the area. The main Ingredients are Piedmontese officinal herbs - such as gentian and absinthe - grown or hand-picked in the Alpine areas of Cuneo province: the Maira, Stura and Gesso valleys, where people have always respected the environment and the mountain ecosystem. Equally important is the sourcing of citrus fruits, whose peel, packed with essential oils, is used: citron from the traditional botanical gardens of Lake Maggiore, and chinotto from Savona on the Ligurian riviera. Care is taken in the selection of non-local flavorings: rhubarb, cloves and vanilla from Polynesia. 

The production process is known as “one-shot”, because the botanicals and extracts are infused and macerated only once, to bring out maximum intensity and aromatic properties.

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