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Main St.+ Brassneck Better Over Seas London Dark Lager 4 Pack 473ml

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We’ve teamed up with our neighbours down the street at Brassneck Brewery to concoct this Better Over Seas Dark London Lager — the latest entry in our ever-expanding line of Tunnerman’s True Cask Beer.

Dark in colour, crisp in drinking, this English interpretation of a Vienna lager is unique and captivating, and you won’t have to hop the pond to get a sip!

It’s based on a WWI-era recipe for London Lager by legendary brewmasters Barclay Perkins during a time when imports from mainland Europe were hard to come by. This lager brings a crackery, Stone Wheat Thins-like base thanks to Crisp hana malt (a Czech heritage variety of barley grown and malted in the UK) and imparts a sarsaparilla-like (think Sioux City, stranger) aroma and flavour courtesy of Simpsons Malt caramalt combined with a late hopping of Saaz and a brand-new varietal ‘Most’ (meaning ‘bridge’ in Czech) that was developed by Charles Farm and showcases the unique effects and impacts of terroir.

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