L-ST Projects 2021 How To Be Both Traditional Method Chardonnay 750ml

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My name is Alyssa and L-ST Projects comes from the dreamy blue storm that is the inside of my head. L-ST are initials taken from surnames on my maternal side. But, more than that, 

L-ST is written as such to embody illusory and ever growing ideas. 

I am a winemaker without land.

I can work with only what I can find in a variable fruit market. Which is fine by me—for now, anyways—I think there can be real creative freedom in constraint.

With a background in academia I tend to approach my winemaking as a creative outlet of experimentation. Everything is a project in first and last principles. I want to play! To bring about. To take note. To learn.

As an expression of this aim to experiment, I work very minimally—with ambient fermentations, with unfined and unfiltered finished products. I really strive to take as little out of my wines as possible and to add as little as possible to them. I like to compare and contrast. With method. With fruit. With site. And I love bubbles, so you'll definitely be seeing a lot of bubbles from me!

There are a handful of grape varieties that I am inspired by and would love to work with—and hopefully you'll see them from me one day—but other than that, all wines will be crafted out of this market variability and may be the first and l a s t of their kind from me.