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Introducing the Kolfok wines - crafted by unconventional thinker and winemaker extraordinaire, Stefan Wellanschitz. Born into a family of winemakers, Stefan's passion for natural winemaking and a purist low-tech approach is reflected in every bottle.  In 2013, Stefan launched his own line of wines that showcase the unique combination of alpine soils and Pannonian climate found in the town of Neckenmarkt. Located in the middle of the Oedenburger Valley, the vineyards are up to 500 meters above sea level, providing the perfect conditions for growing exceptional grapes.  Stefan's natural approach to winemaking means that his vines grow organically together with other herbs and plants, preventing monoculture. In the cellar, the wine leaves the press without the use of pumps and is aged in local oak barrels ranging from 600 liters to 1200 liters, allowing the wine to develop naturally without fining, moving or even sulfuring.

The result? A range of truly unique wines that highlight the terroir and showcase the exceptional conditions in which they were crafted. With minimal addition of sulfur, the wines are bottled unfiltered, ensuring that every sip is a pure expression of the grapes.  Experience the unconventional, natural wines of Kolfok - available exclusively at Marquis Wine Cellars.