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Eric Bordelet 2016 Brut Tendre Normandy Cider 750ml

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The Nose
The first thing that I thought of was Autumn, which any 8 year old will tell you is a season and not a scent. But there is the smell of leaves on the ground, dampness and overly ripe apples. There is a sweetness in the nose but it only comes out as the cider warms up.

The Taste
This is a medium cider that tastes like medium dry. Again as it warms, the effect of the sweetness grows. It finishes crisp but loaded with tannins that dry your mouth and demand another sip. There is in interplay between some nice baked apple and the astringency.

Gentle bitters roll throughout the Sidre Brut Tendre. Compared to many ciders out there, the flavour profile is eccentric but completely balanced.

Final Thoughts on the Sidre Brut Tendre
This is a very complex cider yet it is a very easy to drink cider. I think Bordelet’s experience as a sommelier has taught him what people like to drink, yet at the same time give them something of interest. The balance of approachability and complexity makes the Sidre Brut Tendre a top quality cider.

-- Hugh McKellar, Real Cider Reviews, Apr 2016


In 1992, Eric Bordelet, previously sommelier at Arpege Alain Passard's Restaurant in Paris took over the production of this family property in Normandy. Believing that cider and Poiré should be produced like wine he grows more than 20 varieties of apple and 15 varieties of pear. Connoisseurs admire his entirely artisan and apothecary style of working. His range includes several products, all worth the detour. He has dubbed his ciders "Sydre" "Sidre," the former spelling of those words.

Location: Situated in the south of Normandy on the Armorican Massif,extending from Domfrontais to the outermost borders of the Mayenne and the Orne.

Terroir: The property is situated on schiste,sedimentary rock dating back to the Précambrian era.This has produced silt and clayey-silt soil.Its 15 hectares property is divided up into 3 hectares 40-50 years old fruit orchard,a 7 hectares vineyard orchard planted in 1992 and trellised and 5 hectares pears orchard dating back to 1992.

Fruit varieties and orchard management: 20 varieties of apple at least (sweet,bitter,sour), 15 varieties of pear. All cultivated according to biodynamic agricultural practices, as they are better adapted to the production quality fruit.

Transformation: Hand-picked harvest in metre cube pallets which are then placed in a dry and aired location in view of dehydrating the fruit for 3 or 5 weeks. The apples are ground and simply pressed. Pressing is followed by settling and racking several times in view of clarification and to slow down fermentation. Filtration and bottling, with more or less residual sugar (no chaptalisation) depending upon the product, are carried out in view of natural fermentation. Bubbles develop within two weeks of bottling. The alcoholic content varies from 3-7°.