Cono Sur Pinot Noir Organic 750ml

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Pinot Noir
This variety is said to combine the best of a red and a white wine. Its colour is lighter than other reds, but nevertheless, it’s a full-bodied wine, aromatically intense and flavourful, yet not tannic, more on the silky, seductive side.

Main descriptors
Strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, comfiture, violets. Vanilla, sweet oak, truffles.

Pairing for this variety
Known as a sexy wine, it will enhance the flavour of whole grains, all kinds of mushrooms and herbs, and sushi. In broader terms, this is a wine that will make any white meat look good, as well as soups, stews and flavourful fish dishes. With cheeses, it’s good next to dry and tough ones like Edam.