Beaujolais: A region lost in time

Posted by John Clerides on Oct 18, 2018

I also visited Beaujolais while I was in France. This was my second trip in three years there and a couple of things really struck me. This is an region almost lost in time; fortunes moved north to Burgundy. I was speaking with a new supplier and discussed a passage in a book published in 1926 that read, "Burgundy best to avoid, Beaujolais age five years."Assembling all of the information in my brain about the wines I tasted - they way there are made, if young wine drinkers want to learn h …
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Austria - Undiscovered Gems

Posted by John Clerides on Jun 13, 2018

I can’t recall my first trip wine trip to Austria, it was somewhere in the early to mid 1990’s, at the cajoling of Alois Krahcer 1959-2007 (one of the worlds greatest dessert wine makers) he insisted I visit him after VIN Italy, so I did.I drove to Illmitz and it is there, with his wife Michaela, we had a four hour extravaganza dinner were he must have opened and poured 30 wines. Te next day we were up an arm touring the wineries of Burgenland and my absolute respect for Austrian winesThis trip …
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Genchi Genbutsu

Posted by John Clerides on May 14, 2018

Several years ago, I attended a bloggers conference in Walla Walla. At one of the final sit down events there was a panel discussion, two of the writers were Lettie Teague and James Conway, two superlative writers who have paid their dues. There were a couple of others but I can’t recall their names.The room was full of young people, keen about wine but more keen on how to monetize their blog.I sat at the table, kept quiet, yes, I know this is hard for me, and listened to their questions h …
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