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Buy wine online in Canada from Our website is easy-to-navigate and straightforward for even novice Internet users. All of our products are displayed with high-resolution images and easy-to-read names and descriptions. When buying wine online in Canada, be sure to choose for unbeatable prices and unrivaled customer service.

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We have wine for every budget and taste in our online store. We've made selecting wine a breeze with our well-formatted and logically laid-out web pages. Shop by categories or by country/region to find the exact wine you want. Our categories include:

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We offer hundreds of wines from each category literally, and we have wines available from all over the world. Indeed, we carry brands from more than 15 of the world's premier wine-producing countries and regions. Buying wine online in Canada has never been easier. Further, one of the best and most convenient/beneficial aspects of our website is our online wine club.

Wine Club Online

Our online wine club is straight-forward. To sign up for membership, create a profile and add a payment method. Once your profile is active, you will have access to many perks and advantages that only members get. For example, our online wine club members get killer discounts, special offers and promotions, great wine delivered to their door on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (depending on the type of membership chosen), and many other advantages. Be sure to check out our online wine club, and take advantage of what we offer.

Fine Wine and Champagne

In addition to excellent service, a stellar wine club, wine gifts, and other wine products, offers a full spectrum of fine wines and champagnes. We have a large selection of 95+ point wines. Our vintages and soon-to-be classics are of the highest qualities. Choose from bolder and robust wines or weaker and more subtle-tasting wines. Our online store makes shopping for wine fun and easy, and you can buy your wine from the comfort of your home.

Contact Marquis Wines is our home on the web. Marquis Wines proudly serves BC, as we are headquartered in Vancouver. If you are in the area, why not stop in for a tour? Here's our physical address:

Marquis Wine Cellars
1034 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1M3

Online Vs. In-Store

There are both pros and cons when shopping online or shopping at our physical store. The most significant advantage when you buy wine online in Canada is that Marquis Wines can deliver to anywhere in BC. For example, if you live in Ontario, it's not likely that you'll be visiting our store soon. However, shopping online allows you to buy wine for your friends in BC. Check out today and buy your wine online in Canada from us.